The Alchemy of Design

Our team has worked on projects covering cultural history, geology, paleontology, physical science, and the ways humans interact with and influence ecosystems. We have integrated big ideas into specific concepts in fun, interesting, and accessible ways. We also know how to build an effective exhibit team. We have worked congenially together in one form or another since 1989, and each member’s talents and experiences adds richness to the whole.

Alan Ransenberg

Creative Director/Exhibit Designer

Alan Ransenberg has more than 30 years of experience planning, designing, and implementing cultural history centers, natural history and natural science exhibits for the USFWS, BLM, NPS, and Forest Service, as well as regional museums and visitor centers. He is a wonderful listener, has honed his considerable skills in “thinking like a visitor.” He brings a wide-ranging imagination to the process of exhibit design and will be the project lead.

Strategic Partners

Alice Parman

Interpretive Planner/Writer

Alice’s work focuses primarily on interpretive planning, including visioning, interpretive plans, and exhibit development. In her 16-year museum career, Alice served as chairperson of the education department at the Field Museum in Chicago, director of the University of Oregon Museum of Natural History, and director of Willamette Science and Technology Center in Eugene, Oregon. In 1989 Alice began a new career as an exhibit planner and writer for an exhibit design firm with a national clientele.

Marie Naughton

Interpretive Planner/Writer

Marie Naughton has more than 15 years of experience writing for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and corporations. She has planned exhibits and written text for the USFWS, NPS, US Army Corps of Engineers, zoos, state parks, and private institutions. Marie ensures that the client vision and goals are met by successfully collaborating with experts, advisors, designers, and stakeholders to identify audiences, develop communication goals and learning objectives, and plan exhibit methods and media.

Robbie Maki

Graphic Designer

Thoughtful in her design approach, Robbie is driven by her desire to create effective and unique visual solutions for each project. Her end goal is for her interpretive graphics to be stakeholder satisfying and visitor engaging. With nearly three decades of experience, Robbie has created a wide variety of graphics for zoos, aquariums, visitor centers, and museums.

Amy Farrell

Graphic Designer

Amy Farrell’s passion for creating elegant, concise visual communication shines through her work. Throughout her 20-year career, she continues to be at the forefront of interpretive graphic design creating layouts for visitor centers, zoos, private museums, and a variety of agencies. Amy brings intense curiosity to every assignment and embraces projects that put her creative instincts and problem-solving skills to the test.

Carrie Wendel

Graphic Designer

Working in a wide range of fields, Carrie has coordinated design tasks from concept to completion. She strives to produce imaginative content that is timely, engaging and creative. Many years of design experience have made Carrie a passionate, resourceful, and productive designer..

Deb White


Deb White has spent the last 30 years designing creative layouts for USFWS, BLM, Forest Service, zoos, children’s discovery centers, and private museums. Her graphic production experience and knowledge of the intimate details of fabrication means that her work fits into the exhibits from the start. Deb is also a talented illustrator and will be invaluable if needed in this capacity. Her work ranges from simple sketches to painterly masterpieces, and accuracy is a top priority. She has done illustrations of wildlife of all kinds, ecosystems and plant life, as well as people of the world.

Jean Zondervan

Writer/Project Manager

Jean Zondervan has two decades of experience writing content for and managing arts and culture projects. A versatile writer, she has written for exhibits, videos, websites, blogs, magazines and more. As a project manager, she loves both engaging in the big picture and managing the details. She has helped create both online and in-person interactive experiences. Jean brings imagination, storytelling skills, and a strong design sense to projects.